125th Anniversary of Detroit Lodge No. 7

April 2, 2016  -  J.W. Westcott Company

On April 2, 2016, over 30 lodge members and many spouses gathered at the J.W. Westcott Co. to celebrate the lodge's 125th Anniversary.
The lodge was organized and chartered on April 2, 1891 as a member lodge of the International Ship Masters' Association, known in its
formative years as the Excelsior Marine Benevolent Association.

The anniversary event began with a luncheon. Bill Griffore and his wife Mary Lou prepared barbequed ribs, chicken and red skin potatoes as
the main course, and members brought in a variety of side dishes to round out an excellent buffet. A special 125th Anniversary cake was
prepared for the occasion. All the lodge members in attendance signed a flyleaf of the lodge's original 1891 Bible, to document their
attendance at the celebration.

This is the second time the lodge members have signed a flyleaf in the Bible. The first signing took place at the lodge's 100th anniversary
held at Mariners' Church on April 2, 1991. A group photo taken at that time has been posted in the photo gallery of the lodge website. 

Following lunch, the members gathered on the Westcott front lawn for a group picture. Braving a strong wintry wind and temperatures in
the 30's, the members gathered behind the lodge officers who were holding treasured lodge artifacts - Sentinel Mike Nall held a display board
of the lodge's original jewels of office; 2nd Vice President John Mantyk, PGP Ron Ingram, President Scott Reynolds, Secretary-Treasurer
Ray Oset, and PGP Tom McMullen held the lodge's flag; Pat Beard held the lodge's original 1891 Bible; and Dale Mason held the original lodge charter.

Following the group photo the members retreated to the warmth of the Westcott offices to listen to a presentation on oil spill response plans
given by Bill Hazel of Marine Pollution Control. In thanks for addressing the lodge, Mr. Hazel was presented with a certificate of appreciation
by President Scott Reynolds.
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