Visit to Grand Lodge Archives at Bowling Green State University
April 13, 2018

On April 13, 2018, Grand Lodge Secretary-Treasurer Brian Eickel, Grand Lodge Historian Paul Jagenow
and Detroit Lodge No. 7 Secretary-Treasurer Ray Oset paid a visit to the Grand Lodge archives housed
in the Center for Archival Collections at Bowling Green State University.  The archives are located in the
university's Jerome Library. The trio spent the day viewing several boxes of Grand Lodge historical materials.

They were also given a tour of the archives by Archivist Mark Sprang.  The archives include a great deal of
correspondence and membership information going back many decades, plus lodge meeting minutes from
Cleveland Lodge No. 4 and Detroit Lodge No.7. The lodge charters for Buffalo Lodge No. 1 and Cleveland
Lodge No. 4 are in safekeeping at the archives as are the lodge jewels of Buffalo Lodge No. 1.There is a set
of Grand Lodge Convention Proceedings going back to 1906, although there are gaps in the collection.
Grand Secretary-Treasurer Brian Eickel provided several years worth of Convention Proceedings bringing
that portion of the Grand Lodge archives up to date. The archives are a great source to learn about the
early and evolving history of the ISMA.

A complete listing of the collection can be found at the following web address:

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Ray Oset, Brian Eickel and Mark Sprang 
viewing contents of flat file drawers
Mark Sprang leads tour to area where vessel
histories and photos are stored
Brian Eickel, Paul Jagenow and Ray Oset checking
out an antique Great Lakes chart
Ray Oset, Brian Eickel and archivist Mark Sprang
examine a drawer of nautical charts in the collection
Paul Jagenow, archivist Mark Sprang and
Ray Oset behind a cart of ISMA documents  
No visit to the Grand Lodge archives would be
complete without a visit to Tony
Packo's in Toledo for dinner




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