52nd Annual Blessing of the Fleet

Mariners' Church of Detroit
March 13, 2016

The annual Blessing of the Fleet was held at Mariners’ Church on Sunday, March 13, 2016.  Fr. William Fleming, Rector of Mariners’ Church, officiated at the service.  

Numerous ISMA members from around the Great Lakes took part in the service.  Serving in the honor guard were: Sam Buchanan, Art Brooks, Jay Downen, Bill Griffore, PGP Ron Ingram, Rev. Dr. Lynne Kogel, Ron LaPlante, Dale Mason, Mike Nall, Ray Oset, Scott Reynolds, Rick Scott, Scott Skrzypczak and Ken Suddick of Detroit Lodge No. 7; Jim Semerad and PGP Jim Leaney of Port Huron Lodge No. 2; Mark Stevenson of Chicago Lodge No. 3; PGP Jim Daleski and ISMA Grand First Vice President Lee Barnhill of Northeast Michigan Lodge No. 19;  and Adm. Gerald Achenbach of Grand Traverse Lodge No. 23.  Dominic Gorno, Tom Ochs and Paul Jagenow of Detroit Lodge No. 7 were in the congregation, along with Ian D'Mello of Georgian Bay-Huronia Lodge No. 15 and Curt Kikkert of Twin Sault Lodge No. 22.  Three past Grand Presidents participated in the honor guard.  Several Shipmasters served in additional capacities during the service. Scott Reynolds served as reader during the presentation of the Capt. Lewis Ludington Awards. Kathy McGraw served as necrologist during the reading of the names of deceased mariners. Grand Lodge First Vice President Lee Barnhill was designated as bell toller.  Ray Oset, Ken Suddick, Ron LaPlante and Bill Griffore presented the wreaths that represented loss by storm, reef, fire, and collision.  Ron Ingram and Art Brooks were receivers of pennants, burgees and fleet flags.

Three ISMA members were recipients of the Capt. Lewis Ludington Awards:
Capt. James C. Leaney of Port Huron Lodge No. 2
Capt. Mark P. Stevenson of Chicago Lodge No. 3
Capt. James E. Daleski of Northeast Michigan Lodge No. 19

The Capt. Lewis Ludington Award was established by the Ludington Family and Mariners’ Church in 1994.  Over the years some 85 Shipmasters have been recognized for their contributions to the maritime industry on the Great Lakes.  Detroit Lodge No. 7 has been honored to have a role in the selection process.

(click on photos to enlarge)

Lodge officers and PGP Ingram  
Elected lodge officers
Honor guard in pews
Side altar with bell from the
Great Lakes steamer Octorora
Capt. Jim Daleski receiving Ludington Award
Capt. Jim Leaney receiving Ludington Award
Capt. Mark Stevenson receiving
Lewis Ludington Award
Honor guard on altar
Left side portion of honor guard
Right hand side of honor guard
Fr. Bill Fleming prepares to receive wreaths
Irene Scott presenting pennant
  Jessica Buchanan presenting flag
  Scott Reynolds presenting flag
Mary Ann Ingram presenting flag
Mary Ann Ingram presenting pennant
Dr. Brian Ingalls presents the
Mariners' Church flag
The 2016 Lewis Ludington Awardees -
Captains Mark Stevenson, James Daleski    
and James Leaney
Jim Daleski Jr. & Capt. Jim Daleski
Fr. Bill Fleming (Right) greets
attendees after the service
Wilma Ingalls and Ron Ingram
at the social hour
Social hour hostesses Hannelore
Kettler and Sharon Nash
Dale Mason and Ron LaPlante alongside
the new Ludington Award plaque
Fr. Bill Fleming, Dale Mason and Ron LaPlante
alongside the new Ludington Award plaque



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