Meeting of Port Huron Lodge No. 2  -  March 22, 2018

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Tom McMullen was invited to the Thursday, March 22 Port Huron Lodge No. 2 membership meeting to give his power
point presentation about his career on the lakes sailing with Ford and Interlake. Several other Detroit Lodge members
also attended the meeting, including Paul Jagenow, Scott Reynolds and his wife Kat, Wayne Sapulski and Joe Kennedy.
About 25 Port Huron lodge members were in attendance, including PGP George Haynes and their Program
Chairman Roger Hewlett.  Capt. McMullen's presentation was roundly applauded at its conclusion.


Paul Jagenow, Scott and Kat Reynolds,
Tom McMullen, Wayne Sapulski and
Joe Kennedy

Program Chairman Roger Hewlett
introducing Tom McMullen
to members of Port Huron Lodge No. 2
Tom McMullen answering questions
from the audience

Audience watching Captain
McMullen's program



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