19th Annual Lost Mariners Remembrance

Dossin Great Lakes Museum, Detroit, MI
November 10, 2018

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The Lost Mariners Remembrance program was held at Dossin Museum on the evening of Saturday, November 10, 2018.  Several members of Detroit Lodge No. 7 were active participants in the ceremony:

Malcolm McAdam and Joel Stone served as Masters of Ceremonies.

Detroit Lodge No. 7 President John Mantyk and Luke Clyburn of the Noble Odyssey Foundation served in the Honor Guard.

Malcolm McAdam also served as the Flotilla Coordinator.

Bill Griffore piloted the J.W. Westcott II, one of the vessels in the flotilla.

Ray Oset, Secretary-Treasurer of Detroit Lodge No. 7, served as one of the buglers playing Taps and Last Post salutes

Kathleen McGraw served as Necrologist.

Neil Schultheiss provided the internet video feed of the event.

Scott Reynolds was in attendance as Captain of the Detroit Fireboat Curtis Randolph

The memorial wreath was provided by Detroit Lodge No. 7

The program included:

           a Lantern Vigil at the Edmund Fitzgerald Anchor,

           a musical program titled "Ballads of Great Lakes Mariners" by Lee Murdock,

           a memorial wreath laying ceremony on the Detroit River and

           a Lost Vessel Tribute presentation titled "The Great Storm of 1893" given by Kevin McGee.

Lee Murdock's guitar and the
memorial wreath donated
by Detroit Lodge No. 7
Neil Schultheiss and
Scott Reynolds
Scott Reynolds and Luke Clyburn
Ray Oset, Scott Reynolds
and Luke Clyburn
Ray Oset, Scott Reynolds,
John Mantyk and Luke Clyburn




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