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Obituary:  Bishop Richard W. Ingalls, Sr.  April 24, 2006
Captain Harry Anderson (Cleveland Lodge No. 4) Celebrates 97th birthday
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09-06-08: Obituary: Captain Thomas J. Leinweber, ISMA Pennant No. 9814
11-25-08: Lodge Newsletter
01-06-09: Lodge Newsletter
02-20-09: Lodge Newsletter
03-11-09: Lodge Newsletter

04-08-09: "State of the Port" address by Steven Olinek, Deputy Director of the Detroit / Wayne County Port Authority, and Member of Detroit Lodge No. 7.

04-06-09: Obituary: Helen F. Kerr, long-time member of Lodge 7 Auxiliary
04-18-09: Obituary: Capt. Lawrence W. Huston, ISMA Pennant No. 10341
05-07-09: Lodge Newsletter
05-12-09: Obituary: Capt. James R. Brent, Sr.
06-20-09: Obituary: Harry "Jim" O'Hara - ISMA Pennant No. 9858
09-13-09: Bill Hoey reports on visit to Warren Fuller in Tuscon, AZ
11-25-09: Lodge Newsletter
12-15-09: Obituary: Oscar Rosso, ISMA Pennant No. A-1257
12-16-09: Lodge Newsletter
01-04-10: Lodge Newsletter
02-04-10: Story about Grand President Ed Morris in Bay City Times
02-13-10: Lodge Newsletter
02-21-10: Obituary: Capt. Mark R. Fraley - ISMA Pennant No. 12272 & Member of Muskegon Lodge No. 21                    Link to Newspaper Death Notice

03-08-10: Obituary: Leonard H. Schimm - ISMA Pennant No. A-10298 - Former Member of Lodge No. 7 (1980-1985). Former Dispatcher in the Ford Motor Company Marine Office.
                        Link to Newspaper Death Notice

04-14-10: Obituary: Joseph E. "Mike" Tapert, D.D.S.  -  I.S.M.A. Pennant No. A-1482 - Former Member of Lodge No. 7 (1974-1998).  Dr. Tapert  was also a long-time member of Bayview Yacht Club.      Link to Death Notice

05-22-10: Obituary: Roger A. Stahl, ISMA Pennant No. 10300
05-28-10: Lodge Newsletter

06-25-10: Obituary: Robert J. "Bob" Racette  -  I.S.M.A. Pennant No. 11333.
Former Member of Lodge No. 7.  Capt. Racette was retired from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and worked for Diamomd Jack River Tours for the past 17 years.
            Link to Newspaper Death Notice

06-26-10:  Detroit Lodge No. 7 raises $1700 for Grand Lodge Scholarship Fund.   

07-04-10: Obituary: M. June Westcott Hogan  -  Member of Detroit Lodge No. 7 Auxiliary - President of the J.W. Westcott Co., and Mother of lodge member Jim Hogan.  Mrs. Hogan passed away on July 1, 2010, just a few days shy of her 91st birthday.
          Link to Newspaper Death Notice

09-15-10: Obituary: Richard N. "Dick" Earl -  I.S.M.A. Pennant No. A-11870                         Member of Detroit Lodge No. 7  -  Passed Away on September 15, 2010.
                   Link to Newspaper Death Notice

10-13-10: Obituary: George E. LaPlante, Jr. -  I.S.M.A. Pennant No. 12236
Member of Detroit Lodge No. 7 - Passed Away on October 12, 2010.
             Link to Funeral Home Notice                  Link to Newspaper Death Notice   

11-20-10: Lodge Newsletter
01-15-11: Lodge Newsletter
03-07-11: Lodge Newsletter

03-13-11:  On March 11, one of our lodge Chaplains, Fr. Rich Ingalls, was interviewed by Craig Fahle of WDET (101.9 FM).  Fr. Rich talked about the Blessing of the Fleet and the history of Mariners’ Church.  You can listen to the interview HERE

03-18-11:  Great Lakes Leaders concerned over lack of funds for dredging.

04-07-11:  Obituary: J. Albin Jackman -  I.S.M.A. Pennant No. A-11861.

07-09-11:  Obituary: Charlemagne F. "Chuck" Wilson - I.S.M.A. Pennant No. 11508 - Active Retired Member of Detroit Lodge No. 7 - Passed away on December 22, 2010 at the age of 74.  Captain Wilson had been a member of Detroit Lodge No. 7 since 1996.  From 1991 to 2000, he served as Captain of the Detroit Fireboat Curtis Randolph.  In 2001, Chuck relocated to Orange Park, Florida. 

11-12-11:  Lodge Member Elmer Dunn, 99 featured in newspaper article.
11-20-11:  Lodge Newsletter
12-20-11:  Lodge Newsletter
01-17-12:  Lodge Newsletter

02-21-12:  Obituary: Bruce W. Butler - Former member of Detroit Lodge No. 7 from 1975 to 1984 (pennant number 10139) and again from 1994 to 1996 (pennant number 11334).  During his time in the marine business here in Detroit he was employed by the J.W. Westcott Co., Gaelic Tugboat Co. and Detroit-Windsor Barge Line.

03-07-12:  Lodge Newsletter
03-11-12:  Obituary:  Capt. Frank P. McBride, Jr., ISMA Pennant No. 11404

03-26-12: Obituary: Capt. Donald E. Erickson - ISMA Pennant No. 9570
Captain Erickson was the senior member of Detroit Lodge No. 7 and served as Grand President in 1970, and Lodge No. 7 President in 1963.  Last March 18 marked his 60th anniversary as a member of the ISMA.

DVD's of the October 2011 Presentation by Capt. Erickson are still available from the Harsens Island - St. Clair Flats Historical Society.   The DVD features Don Erickson and Malcolm (Mac) McAdam in their presentation regarding the Str. Edmund Fitzgerald. Captain Erickson, former Master of the William Clay Ford, told of the events leading up to the sinking of the Fitzgerald on November 10, 1975 and his decision to leave the safety of Whitefish Bay, where he was anchored, to head out into 80 mph headwinds and 30 foot seas to look for survivors of the Fitzgerald. He and Mac describe in detail the events, conditions and difficult decision to risk the safety of his ship and crew. To order, Click HERE for an order form, or contact Nancy at 810-748-1825. DVD’s are $20.00 each, plus $5.00 each for shipping and handling.

Detroit Free Press: Mariners' Church stays true to its Maritime Tradition

04-16-12: News Article with video Lodge member Steven Olinek, deputy director of the Detroit/Wayne County Port Authority, and Daniel J. Deane, president of Nicholson Terminal and Dock Co., talk with Bloomberg's Jeff Green about the impact of the U.S. economy and automobile industry on Great Lakes shipping and Detroit port activity.   (Source: Bloomberg)

05-01-12: Obituary: Capt. Robert A. 'Sandy' (Pop) Sanderson- ISMA Pennant No. 10152
Passed away at home in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario on November 22, 2011 at the age of 80.  Sandy had been a member of Detroit Lodge No. 7 for the past 36 years.  He sailed as Captain for Purvis Marine, most recently aboard the tug Avenger IV.

07-22-12: Obituary: John Gerald "Jerry" Crowley - ISMA Pennant No. A-10662
Passed away on Saturday, July 21, 2012 at the age of 90.   Jerry had been a member of Detroit Lodge No. 7 for 27 years, and during that time served in various capacities including lodge president in 1994.  Jerry and his wife Dotty regularly attended lodge functions until recently, when his health prevented him from doing so.  Jerry was a well-known marine artist, and a long-time member of the Great Lakes Maritime Institute.  He was currently serving on our board of governors.                      Funeral Home Obituary

07-30-12:  Several members of Lodge No. 7 participate in a remembrance ceremony marking the 50-year anniversary of the MONTROSE accident in the Detroit River on July 30, 1962.  

08-15-12:  Obituary: Capt. Faro Taormina - ISMA Pennant No. 11000
Passed away on Monday, August 13, 2012 at the age of 68.   Faro was a self employed yacht captain, and had worked on vessels such as the M/Y Topcoat, where he was captain for 7 years, followed by the  M/Y Shade Mor, and M/Y Tigress.  In recent years, he sold nautical items on-line including art created from NOAA charts.  He was a former resident of Fair Haven, Michigan and had been living in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida since 1997.  He joined Detroit Lodge No. 7 on January 30, 1990.

08-20-12: Lodge members Jim Hogan, Sam Buchanan, Bill Redding and Steve Carrothers mentioned in Crain's Detroit Business article about businesses that operate on the Detroit River.

10-07-12:  Lodge No. 7 Newsletter
11-23-12:  Lodge No. 7 Newsletter

11-16-12:  Lodge member Dr. Larry Stephenson has article published about his recent trip with Jack Frost & PGP Tom McMullen aboard the Stewart J. Cort.

12-04-12:  Ivan Ludington, Jr., Grandson of Captain Lewis Ludington, passes away at age 87. 

12-09-12:  Obituary:  Capt. Charles F. Wundrach - ISMA Pennant No. 11723.  Following a lengthy battle with cancer, Charlie passed away on December 3, 2012 at the age of 74.  He worked for the J.W. Westcott Company, and prior to that he worked at the Levy Dock on the Rouge River.  He was a member of Detroit Lodge No. 7 from 1998 to 2004.  Honoring Charlie's wishes, no funeral services were held.   

12-12-12:  Obituaries: Past Lodge President Capt. Robert D. Baldwin, and his wife, Barbara C. Baldwin

12-19-12:  Lodge Newsletter

01-04-13:  Obituary:  Gerald A. Folgmann - ISMA Pennant No. A-12087.  Member of Detroit Lodge No. 7 and resident of Livonia.  Passed away on Friday, January 4, 2013 at the age of 85. 

01-05-13:  Obituary:  Frank A. Blust - ISMA Pennant No. A-1484.  38-year member of Detroit Lodge No. 7 and resident of Fort Myers, FL. 

01-16-13:  Lodge Newsletter

01-22-13:  Lodge member Larry Stephenson and his wife Carol write article for Grosse Pointe Yacht Club's magazine about crossing Lake Michigan aboard the carferry Badger with Past Grand President Capt. Dean Hobbs.  

01-29-13:  The program book for the 2013 Grand Lodge Convention is available online.

02-19-13: Lodge Schedule Update and Announcements
03-16-13:  Lodge Newsletter
04-25-13:  Obituary: Lodge Sentinel Bernard M. "Bernie" Ogden - ISMA Pennant No. A-11271

05-24-13: Obituary: Captain Harry A. Anderson - ISMA Pennant No. 7007.  Passed away on May 22, 2013 at the age of 103.  Captain Anderson sailed for the Cleveland-Cliffs Steamship Company for many years and was well known around the Great Lakes.  He was a member of Cleveland Lodge No. 4. Profile of Capt. Anderson written by his son in 2008 
2006 Newspaper article about Captain Anderson

08-16-13:  Lodge Newsletter

09-15-13:  Obituary: Captain William G. Barnhardt - ISMA Pennant No. 11749.  Member of Port Huron Lodge No. 2.  Passed away unexpectedly on September 13, 2013.  LCDR Barnhardt was Captain of the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet training ship, Grayfox, based in Port Huron, Michigan. Slide Presentation prepared by Port Huron Lodge No. 2

09-26-13: Obituary: Captain H. Peter Gronwall - ISMA Pennant No. 9295  -  Member of Toledo Lodge No. 9 - Passed away on September 10, 2013 at the age of 87.  Captain Gronwall sailed for American Steamship Company for 53 years, 30 of those years as Captain.  He commanded vessels such as Diamond Alkali, St. Clair, Belle River, and Indiana Harbor, from which he retired in 1986.  His father, Capt. Oscar Gronwall, was past president of Buffalo Lodge No. 1. 

09-28-13: Obituary: Captain William A. Hoey III - ISMA Pennant No. 10147. Passed away on Saturday evening, September 28, 2013. Captain Hoey was a member of Detroit Lodge No. 7 for nearly 50 years and served as Grand President in 1983.

11-13-13:  Lodge Newsletter & Calendar of Events
11-13-13:  Obituary: Captain Patrick F. Owens - ISMA Pennant No. 9870.  
11-23-13:  Obituary: Past Grand President Dean Hobbs - ISMA Pennant No. 10329.
12-16-13:  November - December Grand Lodge Newsletter
12-18-13:  Lodge Newsletter
01-17-14:  Lodge Newsletter
02-14-14:  Obituary: Capt. Robert D. Waller, ISMA Pennant No. 11830
02-15-14:  January-February Grand Lodge Newsletter
02-16-14:  Luke Clyburn receives Chairman's Medal from the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Program
03-11-14:  Video: Memorial ceremony held for Past Grand President Dean Hobbs.
03-13-14:  Lodge Newsletter
03-16-14:  Obituary: Capt. William A. Vallier - ISMA Pennant No. 10125
04-21-14:  March-April Grand Lodge Newsletter
04-20-14:  Obituary: Capt. Elmer V. Dunn - ISMA Pennant No. 10349

  Obituary: Capt. Robert Bruce Hull - ISMA Pennant No. 10597.  Passed away unexpectedly on May 2, 2014.  Capt. Hull was a 1976 graduate of Georgian College, and worked as a pilot with the Great Lakes Pilotage Authority-District 3.  Capt. Hull and his wife Julianne were regular attendees of recent ISMA conventions, and strong supporters of the ISMA.  At the 2014 convention in Sault Ste. Marie, Capt. Hull was appointed Grand Lodge Chaplain.  He was a member of Georgian Bay-Huronia Lodge No. 15, where he currently held the office of secretary-treasurer.

06-05-14:  May-June Grand Lodge Newsletter
08-22-14:  July-August Grand Lodge Newsletter

09-28-14:  Obituary: Capt. Donald C. Schmidt - Pennant No. 10663; Passed away September 23, 2014 at the age of 74.  Long-time owner-operator of Michigan Marine Salvage on the Clinton River in Harrison Township.  Capt. Schmidt was a member of Detroit Lodge No. 7 for 33 years: from 1980 to 2013. 

10-03-14:  September-October Grand Lodge Newsletter

10-23-14:  Obituary: Past Lodge President Frederic E. Weber - ISMA Pennant No. A-1293. A member of Detroit Lodge No. 7 for over 50 years, Mr. Weber passed away on October 19, 2014 at the age of 89.  In honoring Fred's wishes, there will be no funeral or visitation. 

10-24-14:  Lodge Newsletter

10-27-14:  Obituary: Capt. Andrew F. Rajner, Sr. - ISMA Pennant No. 10072. A member of Toledo Lodge No. 9; he passed away October 27, 2014 at the age of 89.  Capt. Rajner sailed with Oglebay-Norton Company for 30 years, retiring in 1976. 

11-29-14:  Lodge Newsletter & Schedule of Events
12-04-14:  November-December Grand Lodge Newsletter

12-17-14:  Lodge Newsletter

01-05-15:  Obituary: Past Grand President Jeremiah 'Jerry' Bissette of Niagara District Lodge No. 20 passed away on Monday, January 5, 2015 in St. Catharines, Ontario at the age of 84.  Arrangements handled by the Haine Funeral Home in Thorold, Ontario. 

01-09-15:   Lodge Newsletter

01-22-15:   January-February Grand Lodge Newsletter

02-09-15:  Obituary:  Capt. Warren F. Fuller - ISMA Pennant No. 9857.  Passed away on January 26, 2015 in Tucson, AZ at the age of 95.  Capt. Fuller was a member of Detroit Lodge No. 7 for 54 years.

02-12-15:  Obituary:  Dorothy Martin "Dottie" Crowley -Widow of lodge member Jerry Crowley.  Passed away on February 7, 2015 at age 91. 

03-13-15:  Lodge Newsletter & Updated Schedule of Events
04-23-15:  March-April Grand Lodge Newsletter
06-23-15:  May-June Grand Lodge Newsletter
07-28-15:   Lodge Newsletter
08-03-15:  July-August Grand Lodge Newsletter
09-28-15:  September-October Grand Lodge Newsletter
11-20-15:  Obituary: Richard A. Feldtz, ISMA Pennant No. A-11555.  
  Lodge Newsletter and Schedule of Events
12-15-15:  November-December Grand Lodge Newsletter
01-30-16:  January-Feburary Grand Lodge Newsletter
01-11-16:  Lodge Newsletter
03-26-16:  Obituary: Monsignor Russell E. Kohler - ISMA Pennant No. A-12025
04-08-16:  March-April Grand Lodge Newsletter
06-27-16:  May-June Grand Lodge Newsletter
08-17-16:  July-August Grand Lodge Newsletter
10-11-16:  Obituary: Past Grand President (1998) Capt. John A. Cork
11-29-16:  Obituary:  Arthur B. McWood, Jr. - Pennant No. A-1454.
12-12-16:  November-December Grand Lodge Newsletter
12-18-16:  Obituary:  Capt. Michael T. Patterson of Port Huron Lodge No. 2
12-21-16:  Obituary:  Arlene M. Earl - Pennant No. A-11795     Funeral Home Obituary
01-17-17:  Lodge Newsletter
01-29-17:  January-February Grand Lodge Newsletter
03-05-17:  Obituary:  Capt. Thomas J. Schnell - ISMA Pennant No. 10301
04-09-17:  March-April Grand Lodge Newsletter
06-09-17:  May-June Grand Lodge Newsletter
08-09-17:  July-August Grand Lodge Newsletter
08-22-17:  Obituary:  Past Grand President (1986) James E. Daleski
  Obituary:  James N. VanDongen - ISMA Pennant No. 10796

10-10-17:  September-October Grand Lodge Newsletter
12-08-17:  November-December Grand Lodge Newsletter
01-29-18:  January-February Grand Lodge Newsletter
March-April Grand Lodge Newsletter
06-18-18:  May-June Grand Lodge Newsletter
08-08-18:  July-August Grand Lodge Newsletter
10-16-18:  September-October Grand Lodge Newsletter
12-13-18:  November-December Grand Lodge Newsletter
02-11-19:  January-February Grand Lodge Newsletter
03-31-19:  March-April Grand Lodge Newsletter
06-05-19:  May-June Grand Lodge Newsletter
08-16-19:  July-August Grand Lodge Newsletter
10-02-19:  September - October Grand Lodge Newsletter



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